Thank you for taking time to provide us with current information on your child. We collect this information annually to ensure we are best caring for your child/s needs.

If you wish to provide information for multiple children, please fill the form out for one child then select the "please click to add another child" button.

If you have any questions about this process, please call (02) 9630 3515 to speak with the children's ministry leadership team.

Thank you!

General Information

Tip: Mark 'Nil' if no medication conditions

Tip: Mark 'Nil' if nothing to list

Parental/Legal Guardian's information

In the case emergency, the church should first contact:

Alternative Emergency Contact:


I authorise the leader in charge of my child's group to arrange for my child to receive first aid, medical or surgical treatment as may deem necessary at any time during the activities of Parramatta Baptist Church.

I further authorise the use of ambulance and/or anaesthetic by a qualified medical practitioner if in his/her judgement is necessary. I accept responsibility for payment of all expenses associated with such treatment.

I give permission for photos to be taken of my children to be displayed on noticeboards in the church and on a nametag worn by my child.